Thursday, 23 November 2017

Children in Need

Many thanks for those who helped out and attended the Health Clinic last Friday to raise money for Children in Need. Really excellent feedback comments from all attendees. Funds raised were well in excess of £100. Well done! Below are some photos of the event.

Some Public feedback:
‘Very Interesting, well informed students, explained the science behind the readings well. Excellent!’ P Russell
‘Great experience. Was kept well informed. Students were very good, polite and explained things well’ A Kendall
‘Professional, Friendly and approachable’ H Drucker
‘Chris was very professional with ECG, put me at ease and explained everything well. Lucy was great, again explained the test very clearly’ J Perkin
‘Thank you Georgia, you have done a great job explaining everything to me’ J Ollington

HCS Student participants included Hannah Waite, Georgia Lott, Chris Grabham, Lucy Hickman, Hifza Tanveer, Emma Biggs, Carla Pas and Holly Pye. NEH students were Matthew Sharp, Luke Solomi and Wen Yu Ung. Clinical Cardiologist was Paul Huxham.