Monday, 11 June 2018

Detecting antibiotic resistance in 5 minutes

Tina Joshi and her group are working to develop a handheld device that can allow detection of antibiotic resistance genes during a GP’s appointment, i.e. within 5 minutes. This will allow appropriate antibiotics to be prescribed. Her work will be highlighted in a BBC documentary in the Autumn and has just been covered in the Biomedical Scientist.

Friday, 8 June 2018

M.Sc. student publishes paper

Robert Davies, one of our students on the Biomedical Science M.Sc course, has just published a mini-review in Clinical Kidney Journal.

Robert writes ""I first became interested in metabolomics whilst taking the Clinical Biochemistry module as part of the MSc Biomedical Science. I chose to focus my assessment work on the use of metabolomics in chronic kidney disease because I have had clinical experience of working with patients with kidney failure. Through reading the literature it became apparent that studies using metabolomics would often not take into account the role of diet and the microbiome despite their influences on metabolites. I decided I would try to get my work published because I felt it addressed a need in this area and I contacted the Clinical Kidney Journal where it was peer-reviewed. The reviewers were very encouraging saying it would be useful for nephrologists providing a clear take-home message but suggested expanding the sections on the techniques used in metabolomics and to include a summary table of the articles used in the mini-review. Hopefully, this mini-review will be of use to nephrologists and researchers using metabolomics technologies to identify potential biomarkers of chronic kidney disease and to consider the impact of diet, nutritional status, and the microbiome on their findings."