Thursday, 27 October 2016

Meet the real A-team

Students – without exception, who have you ALL interacted with? Lecturer? Technician? Head of School?  The answer that is common to all of you is the admissions team who were responsible for helping you gain a place on one of our programmes in the school of biomedical & healthcare sciences.
As the out-going admissions tutor, I have often been thanked by new students (and their parents) for helping them gain a place on one of our undergraduate courses.  The truth is that I have done very little!  The real heroes are the admissions team who are often behind the scenes, where nobody gets an insight as to just what they do.  Let me introduce them to you………
From left to right; Rachael Decieco (Undergraduate Admissions Team Leader), Emma Rowsell, Ellie Barker, Suffia Conway, Eva Varga and Joel Forde.
This happy group is the undergraduate admissions team that has talked to you in person or on the phone, processed your UCAS applications, helped you with your applications, informed you of course options and entry requirements as well as those helpful people that have calmed you down in confirmation & clearing, so that you can obtain the place you wanted at our university.  In addition, they help organise interviews at open/applicant days and have demonstrated the utmost patience and professionalism when dealing with stupid enquiries from this school’s admissions tutor!!  Finally, some of you from further afield have been processed and recruited by our international team which consists of Lisa Ellis and Sue Mudge (unfortunately, not on the photograph!): these two are experts in virtually every country’s A-level-equivalent qualifications and are integral to the admissions tutor decisions to recruit from the four corners of the globe!!
These are the professionals behind the scenes that are and will remain to be the recruiters of generations of our student cohorts to Nutrition, Exercise & Health, Healthcare Sciences (Life Sciences & Physiological Sciences), Human Biosciences and Biomedical Science.  Without the dedication and professionalism of this team, our school and our faculty (PUPSMD) would not be in the healthy state it is today.
Thank you for all your hard work guys,
Andy Foey (admissions tutor, 2014-2016).

Friday, 14 October 2016

NEH Student Prizes photos

We have just got some photographs for the PUPSMD prizes and awards evening that took place on the Hoe marquee on the 20th of September. Awards were given to the highest achiever in each stage for each programme, and for the final year there was a research award to the student with the highest mark for the project. The prizes for Nutrition, Exercise and Health students were sponsored by Vitabiotics and presented by Andy Evenden. Below we have the winners: from the top, Emily (year 3), Rachael (year 1) and Shelley (year 2). Well done all of you!