Friday, 28 August 2015

Undergraduate researching in Oxford - update

It’s me again!

I have now finished my laboratory work and have been spending some time working on statistical analysis of the results. Word to the wise: if you are considering further study in research, pay attention to statistics/epidemiology-based modules whenever you can! Although the software here took a little getting used to, the basic principles are the same; even my course notes from stage 1 and 2 have enabled me to work more efficiently here.

There have been various interactive presentations given in a similar manner to the weekly seminar series at Plymouth (but with more cake!), either by team members or other research groups. I highly recommend attending these during term time; it can be a wonderful way to learn about current developments and broaden your scientific interest outside the curriculum boundaries.

 I have also been able to get involved with other projects, mainly investigating the changes in heart structure and function in pregnant women who have been diagnosed with preeclampsia, and comparing these attributes to those in normal pregnancies. This has been achieved by a combination of MRI and echocardiography (see images below), and has been a rather exciting addition to my time here.