Monday, 13 June 2016

Student in Berlin

I have just finished my 3rd (and final) year of a Biomedical science degree at Plymouth university, and am travelling here to continue some work carried out by Nick Lyons and Lucy Davison in 2014. who aimed to characterize a Mustelid Herpesvirus; my visit has been organized by my project supervisor, Dr. Michael Jarvis, and by Dr. Bernhard Ehlers here in Berlin.

From the moment I arrived at the Robert Koch Institut, I have been extremely impressed with the facilities, the people, and of course the beautiful weather!  I will be spending around 6 weeks here in Berlin under the supervision of Dr. Bernhard Ehlers, and shall continue to build upon work that has been performed by researchers from collaborating groups, including Michael Jarvis’ laboratory at Plymouth University.

The support during my first few days here has been fantastic; with the guidance of Dr. Ehlers and the fabulous lab technician Connie, I have already successfully run a nested PCR, which will be sequenced early next week. I am eager to get as much experience in the lab as possible, and will keep you updated.