Tuesday, 10 November 2015

M.Sc. student wins prize for talk at scientific conference

Megan Sharp a Plymouth University postgraduate was last month awarded the prize of Best Research Project Presentation in the Immunology discipline whilst representing the University of Plymouth at the IBMS Congress 2015. Megan presented to a team of immunologists that attended the congress earlier this year and judged her as well as the other delegates. Along with the award Megan received a prize of £150.00 and gained CPD credits.

To present at the IBMS Congress 2015, students from the University of Plymouth’s MSc Biomedical science programme were invited to submit a research abstract from their MSc research projects, ahead of completing their masters. Megan took it upon herself to submit an abstract and was asked to present an oral presentation by the judges. The research abstract was accepted and will be published in the near future. Megan is pictured below receiving the award from the judge Mrs Maureen Moody (to Megan’s right).

Megan carried out her research at the University of Plymouth with supervisor Dr Kris Jeremy, as well as other staff and lecturers such as Dr Andrew Foey and Dr Paul Waines. The research project was entitled: Increased Phagocytosis of CML Cells Following CD47 Knockdown. Megan tailored her research project to her own interests and collaborated with several staff to gain the most from her research, learning several skills including flow cytometry and transfection.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at The University of Plymouth and the MSc Biomedical science programme has been the highlight of a brilliant four years. What attracted me to the master’s programme was the longer research project module which involved a several month period of laboratory experience. In this time I was entrusted to carryout laboratory work and learn several new techniques as well as supervise undergraduate students. I was very much in charge of my research and controlled the direction it would take, something that will help me in my future research. Dr Craig Donaldson, Acting Head of School of Biomedical & Healthcare Sciences, told us of an opportunity to present at the IBMS Congress 2015, something which would broaden our research profile. The opportunity was fantastic and something I would highly recommend to future students, wanting to share their research with fellow scientists.”

Megan graduated from the University of Plymouth with a distinction in MSc Biomedical Sciences specialising in Immunology and was also a previous student of the BSc (Hons) Human Biosciences