Thursday, 17 September 2015

Our undergraduate researching in Oxford - final letter

This is the last in a series of letters from one of our undergraduates, Kati O'Brien, who found funding to work over the summer at Oxford University: see her blog entry on Weds 22nd July.

The final days!

At the moment, I am busy writing up my results of my project, along with carrying out the remaining statistical analysis; I am required to submit a brief report to the Wellcome trust, alongside submission of my own report to the team in Oxford (which will be good practice for writing up my dissertation this year!) The team has made me feel so at home here and part of the family, and even threw me a wonderful leaving dinner (with lots of cake).

 I have had a wonderful time up here, and would thoroughly recommend making the most of any opportunities for research experience.  At the end of stage 1 I carried out a summer research project at Plymouth university, which allowed me to take more of a ‘hands-on’ approach than the taught components in the degree alone provided. Spending this summer in Oxford has further built on these laboratory skills, and has indeed opened my eyes to the more clinically orientated facets of science. It has enabled me to appreciate the vast opportunities that a career in research has to offer, and I would jump at the chance to do it all again!