Monday, 7 July 2014

Letters from Berlin - 3

Week 3 has been a busy one in the lab, with us working the previous weekend to finalise results (its OK, we still got to enjoy the sun).

Lots of PCRs and gel electrophoresis occurred with the badger and the mastomys PCRs finally being finished and sent for sequencing.The mastomys sequence returned unexpected results, so in the final week we will investigate whether wild mastomys show similar results. The sequencing for the badger viruses is also nearing completion. The initial results look promising, with other sequence yet to be returned to confirm these results.

We also had a good weekend in the sun in Berlin, with temperatures being about 30 degrees for most of the weekend, enabling us to watch the world cup in an amazing atmosphere amongst the crowd at the public open air viewing in tiergarten. We also got to visit the aquarium and chocolate factory, a last weekend well spent!

Our last week will be spent getting the final results to finish our projects and presenting these results to our lab team, as well as going out for a group meal with our lab to thank them for our time here.

Nick & Lucy