Thursday, 29 August 2013

Student perspectives - Charlotte McMillan, Healthcare Life Sciences

Healthcare Science Blog
Charlotte H McMillan

As a student on the Healthcare Life Sciences Programme at Plymouth University, I have gained a wide variation of practical and theoretical skills of which I have developed in an academic and placement environment. What is most gratifying about being a student on the Healthcare Science Programme is the integration of academic learning with placement experience. Being situated in a realistic working environment is a highly rewarding experience because I am able to apply my theory gained from University into practice and also develop a range of unique generic and specialist skills relevant to diagnostic medicine. 

I have found the placement experience in the NHS setting to be highly intriguing as it consistently tests my overall understanding of the principles of diagnostic practice. It has also allowed me to appreciate the different roles and responsibilities that are typically found in the real working environment of the NHS Trust. What makes the placement experience more rewarding is the fact that it has allowed me to recognise and develop my own personal goals, such as confidence and communication skills, which in turn have allowed me to flourish as a Trainee Healthcare Practitioner. In addition to this I have also been able to practice within my chosen specialism of Blood Sciences which can only be achieved in the working environment such as the NHS. Asides from acquiring personal and scientific skills, working in the NHS laboratories has also permitted me to build independence and team-working skills of which are essential to Healthcare practice.

Overall my two years of study in Healthcare Science has equipped me with a range of practical, theoretical, personal, and professional skills, all of which are considered relevant to a career in scientific practice. The experience I have gained to date from placement in the NHS has only encouraged me to pursue my career in Blood Sciences Pathology, in which I have met and worked with professionals who share the same passion as I do and have supported me throughout my placement experience.  I believe practicing in the working environment is a highly rewarding opportunity for any student since it allows development of a range of different skills that can only be acquired in such practice. It can potentially establish useful contacts within the NHS which is highly important for any individual who wishes to pursue a career in Healthcare Science. I strongly recommend enrolling onto the Healthcare Life Sciences Programme for any individual who is passionate about modern diagnostic laboratory medicine, has high motivation and ambition when faced with challenges, and wishes to work for the NHS whose aim is to provide optimal patient care and maintain high quality standards of service.