Sunday, 23 September 2012

Induction Week

In our school, the week of graduation is a special week as we say goodbye to one student cohort on the Monday and welcome our new cohort of freshers bright and early on Tuesday morning! Induction week is designed to be a mix of serious activities (lab inductions, microscope session, meeting tutors) as well as some that are more fun (quizzes, days out etc). Friday sees our annual trip to Mt Edgcumbe, just a short boat ride into Cornwall, for an informal day meeting fellow students and staff alike with lunch and a beer in the Edgcumbe Arms.

Our annual trip to Mt Edgcumbe
This year also saw the first annual drinks reception for staff and all new students in the graduation marquees on the Hoe. While the author of these posts was, unfortunately, not present, he has seen some "interesting" photos of several staff members at the reception "enjoying the entertainment". As soon as he manages to get his hands on digital copies of said photos, they will (death threats aside) appear here - Watch this space!!!

EDIT - Photos below! We can open the first one up for a caption competition via the comments on the bottom of this post (Keep it clean and respectable please - I'll moderate anything that is not!)

Dr John Moody seems worried about the growth on Paul's head

Dr Paul Ramsay showing his circus skills

Dr Andy Foey has an idea in the middle of the party